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dry / mature / sensitive skin

Divine Rich Cream

Divine Rich Cream

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Revitalize and Rejuvenate
For dry, mature and sensitive skin
I AM Divine and I flow in Divine order. I AM a reflection of the Divine. My cells have Divine intelligence.

Divine rich cream is a velvety formula for mature, dehydrated, dry, and sensitive skin. It will soothe and hydrate while it firms, repairs and regenerates with its nourishing blend of ingredients provided by Mother Earth. This highly concentrated antioxidant formula will protect you from free radicals as it softens your skin. Nurture your skin, body, mind, and soul to be in a perfect state of balance. Enjoy the benefits of the Divine.

Size: 60g / 2oz
PH 6

How to Use

Apply twice daily on face and neck using light gentle circular motion.


Rose hydrolate (rosa damascena), geranium hydrolate (pelargonium roseum), grape seed oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, rosehip oil, radish root ferment, ubiquinone, geranium essential oil (pelargonium roseuum)

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    Rejuvenates, antioxidant, hydrates, nourishes, firms, improves elasticity and brightens your skin


    hydrates, antioxidant, regenerates, rejuvenates and stimulates cell repair


    hydrates, antioxidant, rejuvenates, helps protect the skin from free radicals and sun damage, aids in healing, softens the skin, and improves skin texture


    rejuvenates, antioxidant, stimulates cell turnover and helps protects the skin from free radicals

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