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for all skin types

Intuition Exfoliant

Intuition Exfoliant

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Hydrate, exfoliate and rejuvenate. 
For all skin types

My mind is free of resistance and open to all possibilities. It is safe for me to let go of any beliefs and limitations. I nurture my beautiful self and open my heart to hear my inner voice of my intuition. Intuition exfoliant will wash away any old beliefs and open new opportunities for a new beginning.

Feel fresh, hydrated and renewed skin, ready to glow naturally.
Find the perfect balance in your skin and in Intuition exfoliant. It contains antiaging, stimulating, healing, cooling and balancing ingredients.

Ashwaganda, kaloin clay, hemp, wasabe, beet, spirulina, kale, kelp, macuna pruriens, rosemary and basil to name a few. This is a bomb of freshness and positivity.
Enjoy and feel gratitude for your life and skin.

Size:  60gr  /  2 oz

How to Use

Apply a small amount on clean face, 3 times a week. Preferably, on wet skin, with an upwards circular massage. Wash with abundant water. Avoid contact with eyes.


Rosemary hydrolate, vegetable glycerin, green clay, olive squalene, great basil extract, hemp seed oil, ginger powder, marsh mallow root, ruibarbum, rice exfoliante, kaolin, hemp flour, ashwaghanda, kale extract, licorice extract, kelp algae, witch hazel, alfalfa, wasabe, fig extract, papaya extract, vitamin c, ferulic acid, l-arganine, xanthan gym, salicylic acid, basil essential oil, mint essential oil, lavander essential oil, germall plus®.

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  • Hemp seed oil

    Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, hydrates, rejuvenates, promotes luminosity, reduces acne and gives your complexion a natural glow.

  • Ashwagandha

    Antioxidant, rejuvenates, adaptogen, anti-inflammatory and stimulates collagen production.

  • Wasabe

    Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, oxygenates, stimulates, rejuvenates and revitalizes

  • Kaolin

    Brightens, exfoliates, and balances the skin.

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