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Unlimited Moisturizer Travel Size

Unlimited Moisturizer Travel Size

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Brighten, repair and rejuvenate 
Recommended for night use
For all skin types

I AM an unlimited being living in an unlimited Universe. I live inside the Universe. The Universe lives inside me.

Wake up hydrated with glowing skin. This moisturizer is meant to be used at night. It works overnight and overtime. The more you use it the better. It repairs your skin while you sleep. Tune in and enjoy this natural creation with a blend of Mother Earth ingredients. It contains alpha lipoic acid, lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and ubiquinone. It will firm, rejuvenate, gently resurface, hydrate, improve skin texture, help minimize pore size, brighten, and even out the skin tone. The benefits are unlimited. 

Size: 60g / 2oz
PH: 4.1

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